About the Artist

Miguel G Sanchez

Miguel was born in Vallejo, California. He studied painting at California College of Arts and Craft and later the University of Notre Dame, Belmont, California. A major influence in the development of his artistic style was the 23 years he lived in the South American jungle environment of Suriname and the Brazilian Amazon region being exposed to the art of the Amerindians of both countries and the Bushnegroes of Suriname. Miguel returned to the U.S. in 2001 and received his BFA - Abstract Painting in 2004 from Jacksonville University. During this period he took inspiration from modern artists such as Willem de Kooning and Jean-Paul Riopelle combined with influence from South America. He received an MFA - Painting in December 2008 from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where he added mixed media, encaustic, figurative and non-figurative drawing, paper making and ceramics to his principal focus of abstract painting. Most of his painting work is on a large scale of at least one meter by one meter. Texture has become an important part of his painting to provide a three-dimensional shape. His art reflects his feeling more by color than design and his objective in painting is not to make a statement or send a message, but rather to have people look at his art to get enjoyment in their own private way.